LIHI Volunteers

Transitions and Changes

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Hello volunteers and community members!

I have been your volunteer coordinator for the last 2 years and it has been a really amazing experience! I have met so many wonderful people and gotten to work on so many great projects with you all.

The volunteers who come work with us at the Low Income Housing Institute and the Urban Rest Stop are true stewards of their community; using their talents, skills and expertise to create wonderfully supportive environments where our residents and patrons of all ages can grow and thrive.

That is why with a heavy heart I bid you all farewell as I transition from my position at LIHI. It has been a really amazing couple of years and I could not thank you all enough for letting me be part of your great work.

We are collecting job applications for the new Volunteer and Advocacy Coordinator. We are hoping to get another great person on our team that can continue to support the great work of all the people in our community. Please take a look at the job description if you are interested or if you know someone who might be. Feel free to send me any questions you might have.

Mercedes Elizalde

Volunteer and Advocacy Coordinator JD 12.16.15

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