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“It was like Kismet”

Sarita and Janice Meet Janice.  She is the founder of a Seattle-based non-profit, Warm for Winter, a resident of LIHI and a recent graduate of our Computer Training Program.  Warm for Winter is now in its eighth season of warming our homeless neighbors and Janice entered our program in hopes of gaining greater proficiency in the programs she uses for her business every day.

Matching volunteers to residents is an intricate process and Janice’s match was no exception.  Sarita came to LIHI from Microsoft, a high-skilled development manager for the company; she was someone who was going to be able to meet Janice’s specific hopes for this program.  Over the course of three months, the pair worked to create spreadsheets and workbooks in Excel as well as adding and deleting sheets in workbooks.  They worked together on overall Windows 8 OS proficiency, using folders, organizing folders, system updates and maintenance, protecting documents, embedded charts in Microsoft Word, hyperlinks, formatting documents, and Word templates.  They worked to build Janice’s skills with Microsoft Publisher 13 and embedded charts in Publisher.  The two created a Microsoft SkyDrive account for Janice so that she can sync all of her email, documents and Windows accounts between her computer and smart phone.  They set up a Skype account for Janice and made sure all of her accounts were secure and all of her passwords saved and protected.

Janice knows how much participating in this program has contributed to her computer skills and she is excited to bring that to Warm for Winter.  Here is a brochure she was able to create and publish thanks to her new skills:

August 2013 WfW Newsletter

Sarita and Janice got to know each other pretty well over the course of their collaboration. “Janice’s involvement in the communities she serves is amazing and our match was like Kismet Fate,” shared Sarita.  Turns out Sarita is also a  knitting enthusiast.  After Graduation, Sarita plans to continue working with Janice by knitting garments and donating them to this winter’s Warm for Winter project.

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How City Technology Grant Brought an MLK VISTA to LIHI and Changed Residents’ Lives.

Last year thanks to the Technology Matching Fund from the City of Seattle, LIHI brought on board an AmeriCorps VISTA from Solid Ground who developed our Computer Technology & Job Search Training Program (CT & JSTP). Sarah has worked hard for the past twelve months to put the Technology Matching Fund to work for LIHI residents pairing them with volunteers to build computer skills, develop resumes, search for jobs, and find other ways to increase resident self-sufficiency.  

Congratulations Sarah on your successful year as LIHI's MLK AmeriCorps VISTA!

Congratulations Sarah on your successful year as LIHI’s MLK AmeriCorps VISTA!

 During Sarah’s year with LIHI, she expanded the CT & JS program and transformed it to better serve our residents’ needs. She developed resident and volunteer resources and manuals, established a bi-monthly volunteer orientation, and developed tools to measure the growth and accomplishments of program participants. At the same time, her days with the MLK VISTA team widened Sarah’s racial and social justice analytical skills and understanding of how large systems of inequality and oppression impact individuals each and every day. The infrastructure she built has set the stage for this program to continue and ensures that LIHI residents have access to increased resources on their path to self-sufficiency, including six new computers.
During Sarah’s tenure, 34 LIHI volunteers donated 650 hours and helped 54 residents reach their computer technology and employment goals! LIHI is greatly appreciative of Sarah’s exceptional service as our MLK AmeriCorps VISTA and of her commitment to providing our residents with opportunities to learn new skills and set new computer technology literacy and employment goals for themselves!

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LIHI awarded $15,000 technology grant!


TMF Grant Event cropped

Tina Worthington (R) and Sarah Tapp (L) display Technology Matching Fund award at City Hall

On Wednesday August 7th, LIHI volunteer Tina Worthington gave a phenomenal testimony on behalf of LIHI as the The City Council Public Safely, Technology and Civil Rights Committee approved the nomination for the Technology Matching Fund Grants and awarded LIHI $15,000 to replace out-dated computers at six LIHI housing sites! These computers provide a tremendous resource for LIHI residents as they apply for jobs, write resumes, connect with family, secure employment and more!

Tina Worthington gives testimony at City Council Meeting

Tina Worthington gives testimony at City Council Meeting

Joining LIHI last fall Tina worked with Cheikh, a LIHI resident, for 3 months in the Computer Technology and Job Search Training Program teaching basic computer skills. Through the program Tina worked with Cheikh to develop his resume and began job searching. By the end, Cheikh had successfully accessed online employment databases, edited & refined his resume, and applied for jobs online. Tina also taught Cheikh crucial skills about email organization and attaching resumes & applications. After completeing her sessions, Tina continued to contribute to LIHI and has developed computer and technology-based resources for volunteers and residents to utilze during their sessions in the program.  

Thank you so much for all your hard work Tina!!  


We are excited to celebrate another Computer Technology and Job Search Training Program graduation!

almaz and luna

Entering the program, LIHI resident Almaz’s goals aimed at improving computer skills while building her resume and searching for new employment opportunities. LIHI volunteer Luna met with Almaz once a week for three months, with each session helping her student gain more confidence in her technology skills. An owner of a housekeeping business, Almaz was additionally looking to learn how to reach new clients and expand her business. Luna taught her how to post her business page to Craiglist and update it on a regular basis. The pair also improved and finalized Almaz’ resume so she can apply for jobs independently while continuing to build her business. Just as exciting part of their collaboration was the relationship they built and the pride they both feel from their mutual accomplishment. Luna shared with LIHI that volunteering with Almaz was very fulfilling and helped her balance her life. It showed that one “can make a difference even when things aren’t perfect.” “I was out of a job for a year and still able to be of service” to another person in need. By the close of Almaz and Luna’s collaboration, Almaz was able to comfortably access her email, search the internet and find new ways of using the computer on her own.

Congratulations to Luna on helping your first student gain so many invaluable technology skills, and on your new job!